Healt tourism, for health protection, development, or treatment of diseases, people travel to another country to benefit from health tourism. To this end, the traveller person is called a “health tourist”.

Types of Health Tourism

Medical Tourism:

  • They are medical operations for health tourist recovery made.
  • It covers transactions that require qualified medical attention.

Thermal Tourism:

  • The use of mineral waters with molten minerals in their for purposes such as resting, fitness and treatment is evaluated in thermal tourism.

Aged Tourism:

  • Establishing facilities related to the care of the elderly in health tourism and travel to this end have also begun to take their place in tourism activities as a new type of health tourism.
  • Clinical guesthouses, geriatric treatment centres, are the practices by certified staff trained in nursing homes for the purpose of care and rehabilitation of elderly tourists.

There may be different reasons why patients travel for treatment purposes. Medical issues such as dental, eye, aesthetic, cardiovascular and joint dentures, infertility treatment, IVF are at the forefront of health tourism.

  Overall reasons for patients to do health tourism:

  • Health care is expensive in their own country, it can get the same service cheaper in other countries.
  • Chronic patients, the elderly, addicts and disabled may want to be treated in a different environment.
  • They may want to be treated and take a holiday.
  • They may want to take advantage of the climate and geographical characteristics of a different country.
  • Long time waiting.

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